Hardrocker Esports Camps

Coaching Staff

Wyatt Engel

Wyatt has been a part of the Hardrocker Family for 5 years. After obtaining his Bachelor’s in Computer Science, he was hired on full time as the Hardrocker Athletics Esports Coordinator in May of 2018. Wyatt is passionate about team development, competition and of course.. Esports.

Wyatt grew the campus Esports club from 2 competitive teams to 11 teams, and overall participation by 200% over the course of his Junior and Senior year. These efforts lead SD Mines to become the first college in South Dakota to offer scholarships for Esports. “I set out to establish an inclusive and competitive Esports community at SD Mines, so it feels great to see the growth and constantly push what is possible with our Esports program”.

With his knowledge in computer programming and the Esports industry, Wyatt is looking forward to hosting the first ever Esports Leadership and Computer Programming camp!